Is it possible to do Masters in US if you are from BITS and your CGPA is 6-6.5?

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Answer by Shanthi Swaroop:

This is the same situation I was in an year ago, in fact mine was even worse. I hardly found anyone below 6.5-7 CG securing admission in a decent/good university.

Yes, most admitted students will have high CGs and most universities will have CG as their main criteria(at least 40 – 50%) for admissions. A low CG will definitely lower your chances but all is not lost, there are always some exceptions.

You will need to improve you non-cg profile to negate your low cg. You will need to have a high GRE score, strong recommendation letters and a well crafted Statement of purpose. Research Papers and work experience will further improve your chances.

Not all universities know about BITS as much as they do about IITs. If you apply to universities where there have been more BITSian admits, you will have a better chance at admission as there's a good probability that the admission committee has at least a decent knowledge about BITS. 

I have heard a "WES evaluation" helps in making your CG look better on the 4 point scale. You can probably look into that.

There are also some GRE subject tests. Some universities will give them a high weightage. A good score on this test will show your subject knowledge and will negate you low cg. While a bad score on this test can completely ruin your chances. I found the test pretty hard for me and most test-takers are PhD aspirants so you will even have a very tough competition.

There's also a bits2msphd yahoo group with a very vibrant and helpful BITSian community.

Source: Me. I got an admit from University of Florida with 5.71 CGPA.

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